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A quick solo ride today. Brian was off on a Z1 ride so off I went for a wee blast on Big K. First time out with the new free adventure pack fitted, minus the long screen. I'll fit that after the 1k service is done. Left work a little earlier and headed off down through Halls Head following the coast:

The Indian Ocean was flat calm today:

If you look really closely you can see East Africa on the horizon:

Then I wandered down to the estuary which was also flat calm:

A phone call from Brian later and I headed up to Dwellingup on the off-chance to see if I could catch up with them. I would have gone home but realised I didn't have any house keys and Mrs Muz was out getting her hair done, which is not a quick process! So, up the hill I went still limited to 4000 rpm and a top speed of 90kph- I am so looking forward to getting this first service done!
Anyway, got to the Blue Wren and met a bloke on a BMW of some kind who came over to chat about the KLR. I think he saw me struggling to get off the thing and felt sorry for me being on my own. We exchanged pleasantries as you do and he headed off into the distance. Nice fella, but he was much shorter than me so I doubt he would enjoy the trials of mounting and dismounting Big K.
I had a quick look to see if Brian was in but couldn't spot any shiny heads inside. I checked the parking area and lo and behold 2 nice sparkly 1970s Kawasakis. I went in and found Brian and Ross ( another Z1 master) sitting under a tree at the back of the cafe.
Coffee and pie ordered I joined them for a bit of chat, and then we headed back down the hill via North Spur Road, me following rigidly sticking to my 4000rpm limit- Grrrrr! Never mind. A great run and the weather was fantastic. It's always more comfortable when it cools down a little. I think 2 weeks and I'll be free of the running in shackles. Can't wait!
Oh, I was talking crap about being able to see Africa. It's thousands of miles away Ffs, but if you fell in the water here and the current took you due west, and if you managed to avoid being eaten by sharks eventually you would end up there.
Living the dream, everyday!
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