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This is about my 10th Mitas EO7 rear (the fronts are not so good).

When I first bought them 2004? they were very slippery on wet tar. The new ones are much better (and a bit more expensive). They have a square profile and there is a bit of a step as you lean over. Never had a flat on them.

The one on the R80 is still on my bike. Its done 12,000 km. its been to cape yorke 8,000 round trip. Then it did two 1000 km days to SA and back - high temp tar tire and the 50 km commute - it is square. I do at least 40,000 each year on the bikes. I'm 51 and have never owned a car always the bike. Value for money there is no better option for 50/50 riding. Don't get me wrong I love sticky tyres and agressive knobs but in the long run there is no better rear to my knowledge.

Most singles are hard on tyres and chains. The TR is a smoothie so maybe it will be a bit gentler?
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