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Hi together, my name's Wolfgang and I live in Stuttgart, Germany.

To introduce myself I'll begin by giving some input for this Thread:

Since some call me gnome, (proud 5'6" ) I drive the f700gs (not lowered) and with my short legs, my upper body / helmet sits always wrong in the wind (lots of noise and buffeting). I currently drive with the WRS shield for the 800gs, but since that is not legal in Germany (no vehical type approval - not even for the 800gs) its only a temporary measure to ride without my ears falling of...

here are now several new windshields (with vehicle type approval) coming up for the 700gs:

Givi has 2 shields coming up:
- a normal windshield: 5107DT (needs special brackets D5107KIT)
- an Airflow windshield: AF5107 (comes complete with brackets)

latest information of availability is about June/July - no pics yet.

MRA has 3 shields in the making:
- a normal touring shield
- the vario touring screen
- the X-creen-Sport

all can be found (including pics) on the MRA page, but no release date yet.

Powerbronze has a pretty looking windshield for the 700gs online, but since I read the rant (very nice to read ) about this UK based company I can't say anything about the release date...

I can't say anything about the US based companies, as they don't come with an VTA and the shipping costs would be nearly as expensive as the screen itself...

I hope this information helps you a little,

Many greetings from Germany and sorry for my bad english

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