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Quick Google translate, from Dagbladet (main norw. paper)

Spokesperson Haakon A. Bjercke talked to 43-year-old little before. 12, and then lay north man hospitalized in Doha. About two hours before, at. 10, it went wrong in the saddle.

Ullevålseter crashed and suffered multiple fractures. Probably he operated for hip fracture later in the day.

- I spoke with Pål Anders now, he's pretty drugged on morphine. He told the gearbox broke and that he could only run in the fourth and fifthgir, Bjercke says to Dagbladet.

Hit a rock
He says Ullevålseter due to trans trouble had to keep a great pace to continue, more than 90 km / h, which led to higher risk out on stage.

- Then he hit a rock and flew straight into the air. He broke the tip of the thumb and leg right off. He hopes the femur fracture is uncomplicated, but so far he has not received a reply. He saw that his thigh was split in two, it was only just skin and tendons that held it together, says press spokesman.

- How is your mood?

- He's depressed, he's so conscientious. He is sorry for sponsors, he was included in these rallies to get in shape for the Dakar Rally. The main part of this was preparation for winter. Pål Anders was sad, but also tipsy. There is not anything cool like that happens once.

- Is next year's Dakar foreclosed now?

- We do not know, it's a clean break may be six to 12 weeks until it has healed. But it depends if they get plastered there properly. He has not given up the Dakar, it is still the goal. There are eight months. The problem is run, how much exercise he gets. He was started now.

The consolation for Ullevålseter is that he originally was going to take the summer by Qatari rally which ends tomorrow.

- He is extremely good physical shape now, who destroyed when he is bedridden. Then disappear muscles, but it helps that he's in good shape. He is 43 years old and better trained than most elite sport athletes at 30

- Was it a dramatic rescue?

- Pål Anders was determined in a Toyota Land Cruiser, and drove as far as they could before the helicopter arrived. From a camp at the target, he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. I would guess that the accident occurred at. 10 today.

On reaching the hospital rally veteran is confident that he will get good care.

- He said the hospital looks terrific out, he is not stressed. He is confident, but so far he has not been joined by team. They have to take care of bikes and equipment. Pål Anders was also concerned that they take their passports, and little things like that, says Bjercke.
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