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Originally Posted by epicxcrider View Post
Well I gave this thing a real workout in the woods tonight and noticed a few things:

1: it's awesome. Tons more traction uphill and I feel a lot more connected to the ground. I can go a lot faster than before with a lot less effort

2: the spring they picked is good

3: I ran out of rebound damping adjustment - it's too fast even when completely screwed in clockwise. I only noticed this on whoops, but I do notice the same thing 2up on road. Not at all a problem on high speed hits which is a little odd.

I'm going to try running more low speed compression and see if that helps, but I have a feeling it might be going back for an adjustment sometime.

Sounds like a big improvement over the stock 800!. That's really strange about the rebound. Rebound only controls the extension or return stroke. So are you noticing that is coming up too quickly? Rebound is more slow vs. fast return. Comp. is usually described as hard vs soft.
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