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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
his facial features during his peak for one.

his ability to dominate for that long during that period in time when sports medicine was getting ever more advanced is enough to raise suspicion given his results.

I did say he MAY have been juiced, if I had to bet my life on it....I'd have to say....
That's what I figured,a hunch.

And really,even if he and lots of others were,when you look at how the doping scandal has tarnished it worth it to cast aspersions about something you have no proof of and know nothing about?

What kind of doping causes what kind of facial features?

McGrath also must have been doping he won alot for a long time,Hannah must have been juiced on something,he was fast.

Why say these things about a great rider with just a hunch? He wasnt your favorite?
Some bikes around at times
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