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As an established dealer of both Garmin and RAM for almost 20 years (man, that went by fast), we'd like to give back to the community that supports us the most and finds the best utility in our products!

The question is... what is the best way to help? To answer that, we'd like your input. We have some ideas we're ready to immediately implement with the RAM side, but the Garmin/electronics side is a bit of a tougher nut to crack. Zumo? Montana? Mapping handhelds? Any specific accessories? The more we can zero in on a product/products, the better our deal can be.

Every rider and enthusiast we talk to has different needs and ideas, and we'd like to do the greatest good for the greatest number that we can. With that in mind, if you have any requests or ideas that you think will be of best use, please feel free to hit us up on a PM or in the thread. We'll evaluate the input and post up some codes & deals as soon as we can.

Happy riding!

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Welcome! Glad you're part of the ADV community. I was actually pricing out some little RAM bits and pieces on your website and on some of your competitors a couple of days ago. A little love for us ADV inmates would definitely influence my purchase!

Just so you know, I was searching, and I couldn't find another vendor offering ADV discounts on RAM components, so you'd be exclusive there (as best as I could tell).

As far as GPSes go, gosh golly that Garmin stuff is pricy, so any discounts you can give there would help. Or consider discounts on package deals... most folks here that are guying a GPS are mounting it on their motorcycle and hard-wiring it, so the key components needed for that. Most Adventure riding involves a mix of street and dirt, so the Zumo and Montana are the creme-de-la-creme. The other GPSes that catch my eye are the hand-helds that support city navigator (there's another item for your package deals. 24k maps would help too).

The other thing you could consider is if you have returned/open box items you can't sell through the normal website...selling them through your vendor thread here at at discount
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