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here are the cliffs notes to catch me up to present day. Today I leave Myrtle Beach. Sorry for the lack of pics, but hopefully this will be an opportunity for me to start fresh :)

Austin - with family, BBQ taste tests in Lockheart, backyard jenga, a fan club of 4 kids between 8 and 15. Some new fans of motorcycles :)

Houston - with new friends, a weird and wonderful household, a planetary geologist, and a visit to NASA's neutral buoyancy lab where I got to see astronauts being lifted out of the water and people doing helicopter escape training.

New Orleans - an expensive night at the sheraton on canal street. Confusion on bourbon street and some unwanted attention from a lady of the night deftly deflected onto someone more receptive. Getting lost on the way home, and paying for room service with canadian currecy.

Mobile - A new friend, amazing food, live music, some wicked storms, and falling in love with an unexpectedly awesome place.

Biloxi Beach - Sugar sands and sweet tea

Florida Keys - Camping in paradise, met an aquatic adventurer 100+ days into a stand-up paddle board trip after being double-booked on the same camp site, snorkeling in blue bath water, the southern most point of the united states!!!

Orlando - First friend from sounddrop (google it, it's music and awesome), happy earth day, downtown orlando, being a wingman

Myrtle Beach - Second friend from sounddrop, and adult store, a pinched nerve, fitting in good times while working hard...
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