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well today is the day that I "turnaround". it has been an absolutely amazing journey so far.

I set out ready for the open road, and the new experiences I'd find along the way. I knew there would be low points. and I have to say the worst so far was the west Texas underpass... however even that experience was unique and mostly positive in hindsight. plus I got to watch some cool storms!

I knew there would be highs too... and thankfully there have been too many to recount here in a FB post.

the biggest thing I hoped was to affirm some things about my world view... and I'm happy to report those things have happened.

the world, and the people in it are not as scary as many folks think... for me, relying on the kindness and hospitality of strangers along the way has not lead me astray.

this experience has proved to me, that when you meet new people with respect, honesty, good humor, and prove quickly that you're trustworthy nearly everyone will enjoy that, loosen up a bit, and can quickly become a new friend.

we go through our lives so often with our heads down. keeping track and care of those closest to us. there's nothing wrong with that, of course... but there's so much more we miss.

sometimes the most delightful person, or new friend is the stranger sitting right next to you at the restaurant. or passing by you on the street.

be curious about the people and the world around you.

cheers everyone!
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