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The last couple of nights, I've been sorting out the wiring, installing the ignition advance and points plate, throttle cable (a story in itself) and many other little bits and pieces. Last night I knew it was close, so buckled down and finished the wiring. Here is the old harness I made back in 2011, a little rough but with some repairs, serviceable;

Part of this project was to make the bike lighter (it's really like sanding down an anvil ) and where better to reduce weight than to eliminate the battery? Oregon Motorcycle Parts makes this nifty battery eliminator, a giant capacitor;

Planning to make an underseat electrical mounting plate, but in order to ensure everything works before investing that time, i just tie-wrapped all components into place;

All wired and ready to fire, all we need now is fuel!

Since Randy has our one really good fuel tank being painted, I first tried the plastic desert tank and SL350 petcock, but even though it appeared clean when I disassembled, it would not flow fuel to the carbs. I found that out after quite a few kicks with no response, then removed one float bowl plug and nothing came out but dust!

Grabbed the only other decent tank available, the TL125 tank with single outlet, threw on a t-fitting and hooked it up. Now with fuel to the carbs, about ten kicks later she roared to life, and sounded great! Rode it up and down the driveway and it felt pretty strong, although a lot of tuning remains to be done. Here it is after the test ride;

Next up is to find some better cables (and in a hurry), do a lot of tidying up of wiring and appearance times, rechecking valve clearance, and getting the carbs properly jetted and tuned. CRR Steel Stampede is only 10 days away.
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