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Originally Posted by ady-uk View Post
What if one of your items goes wrong or you just simply like upgrading and installing new products as they become available.

You have to chop the wires and resolder a new connection every time.
(sorry but no thank you, no way) I don't like excess wire so a few cuts and the cable is soon going to run out leaving be with a solid lump of resin and no wires left.

Besides every connector on a motorcycle has plugs / sockets.
At 12 volts / low amps, water splashes just don't cause that much of a problem.
My Fuzeblock, I currently use, has got throughly soaked and never caused a problem.
Too much emphasis is put on water and auto electrics. :(

I was trying to get clarification wether my findings were correct.
Have they really removed the plug in style wires.
It seems they have so I wouldn't buy a box that'll rapidly lose its useful lifespan, everytime the wires got cut!#

Sorry I'm really not interested in this anymore.
I was, still would be if it was what I saw in an early brochure (abeilt home programmable) but not now. not with non replacable fixed length wires that you can't affort to cut down or remove till required later and not without the corrosponding earth terminal option.

Shame that a product has moved backwards instead of forwards IMO


Lot of whining and whinging there for what amounts to a non-issue...

If the fixed length of wire is your big, oh-my-God worry then why not just put male-female bullet-connectors on each of the PDM60's wires and on whatever you wish to wire to it? Then if you want to move the PDM60 to another bike, or you change electrical farkles, you simply unplug it...

What's the problem?

Or were you just looking for a reason to post your own wish list and then diss the product here because it didn't meet your rather odd requirements? A simple perusal of the product's website and/or this thread would have quickly and easily told you it didn't currently match your rather narrow criteria, so why bother?



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