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Day 6

Muang Khua to Nong Khiew (Straight down)

(Map image used with permission of

Not a long ride planed today.. To be honest we are both getting a bit tired and talking of a rest day..

The funniest part of this ride is how Rex described it.. "Ah.. it is easy.. it is all flat.. once you get in further it is wasteland"..
Well.. immediately it is steep and muddy and slippery as hell again plus the morning fog..

Riding up and down steep and steeper, over half way I said to Rex.. "You are right.. Laos is flat"..
Became a running joke between us.. What is it like to XXX destination.. Oh, it is flat...

Rex honestly doesn't remember it being like this before.. Too much Beer Lao me thinks LOL..

Some very narrow steep tracks up the hills.. You don't want to slip over the edge.

Dropped it on this trail.. Getting out of the way of a small pick-up.. when I went back on the track.. The front tyre went out from under me with the moss on the stones.
Even the track was slippery as hell.. More than a few times we had the engine off and going down using front brake and engine brake to stop it sliding out from under us.
very lucky we didn't drop it more than a couple of times to be honest.

Then it all turned easier.. sun drying up the track and flatter..

Made it to Nong Khiew around 1 or 2ish and decided a half rest day..

View from the Guest House

Sunset Beers

Excellent Indian for dinner..
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