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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
Check the float height. Is the float valve stuck? If that's is fine then if you break down the carbs you can see through all the fuel ports pretty easily to find a clog.

Now, I'm kicking the bike over on full choke with absolutely no throttle. Am I right in thinking that the secondary carburettor has no part to play in proceedings yet? Can I safely ignore it in terms of the no fuel issue?

Fuel is getting into the primary carb OK, and there's good flow from the tank, so I can eliminate the possibility of issues with the tap or in-tap filter.

On the primary carb:
The float valve isn't stuck and seems to be in good condition. No overflow 'leak' would seem to confirm this?
Generally it's not looking too bad inside. No gunky deposits, blocked jets, etc.
- I haven't checked the float height but I'll do so this evening.
- I've found out that we have an ultrasonic cleaner at work, so I'll separate and strip the carbs tonight and give them a bath tomorrow. Hopefully that should loosen any cr@p in internal air and fuel ways.

Finger crossed!
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