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I am going to be a bit more generous in this instance. For riding a none sport bike he was doing a nice job of body position. Not hanging off but clearly getting his butt and torso over and for the most part his shoulders as well. Some earlier shots showed him nicely to the inside of the center line of the bike with upper arm extended and inside arm tucked.. In those series of curves they were becoming more like sweepers and the pace was increasing. I think he simply pushed too hard, ran out of ground clearance was on that arc of, things are scrapping and I can't turn more and that arc carried him off the road.

Corrections could have been done before the commitment to that line in the curve. Perhaps revs high enough that a simple roll off would have better controlled speed at entry and allow corrections easy enogh Once there perhaps he might have really hung off to get more turn effect without more lean, maybe also a bit of throttle to raise front a bit to gain a bit more lean, but once he was really at that late point in the trajectory I think he really didn't have many choices. If a bit earlier perhaps rolling off the throttle would have caused lost of clearance but if done early enough he would have scrubbed off enough speed to make his arc a decreasing one and maybe stay inside the white line.

To his fail
Just a little bit earlier as the pace was increasing I noticed he was running a bit wider on exits than he had when things were a bit slower. In this turn not a bad set up line but seems like ran wide of a normal line about the entire time with an apex in his arc a bit early even if he never came down close to the DYL. The guide rail here was perhaps a bit friendlier than a grill of a Buick had it been a right hander.

OK.. feet up here, glass of water on desk, leaning back.. my Thursday look back at someone else's fail. What did I learn?

Ride the pace I can ride, follow my lines, look through curve, better to late apex than early. Plan to exit mid lane to give myself some leeway. If I have been failing on those things, my pace is over the abilities I bring to bear.

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