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Originally Posted by yokesman View Post
JD as my thoughts are going to dual discs for pad life and road performance
does it look like using a left leg on the right of the drz setup would be a go.
thanks again for this thread and the info it contains freely and clearly shared.
in the context of the way i use the bike, i don't view the double rotor as necessary, or even desirable. i'm using the 310mm DL/SV rotor, braided brake line, and OEM ER6 caliper with OEM pads. the bike stops fine with that combo, with the next upgrade being after market pads, and beyond that, a 4 pot caliper, another easy swap. i have a 4 pot caliper ready to go, but have not bothered yet. coincidentally, i just checked the front pads for wear last week, and they still looked ok after 30,000 miles. i guess i don't use the brakes much...yikes.

the bike stops well on pavement, but i use controlled two finger braking on gravel all day without concern of locking up the front. factor in other issues like unsprung weight, and additional parts and brake lines subject to damage when that moto is ridden on rough "roads", or inadvertently parked upside down...i'll stay with what i have, at least until i find a good reason to make a change.

since you would be starting from scratch, you could go large rotor, braided line, 4 pot with upgraded pads. the caliper adapter is easy to fabricate either way.

changing out the right DRZ fork leg has been discussed, but no one has said they actually did it. we'll need a report/photos if you make the swap.
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