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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
Nothing like doing 55 mph with some woman in an suv 3 feet off your rear tire to get your attention, plus all the people changing lanes into you.
Three times I had to ride between the barrier and a car that decided I did not count as a vehicle.
This happens to me quite frequently as mommies are chatting / texting while their kids are running amok in the back of the mini van and the little yippie dog is going ape shit in her lap. Hell, one even made eye contact before she did it. Well as soon as I'm done taking evasive action, i get right next to them tap on the window and give them a nice big and some random shouting that I know they cant hear but makes me feel tons better. but this is Utah and people are fucking idiot drivers here, I guess that why i ride a KLR and stay on the dirt most of the time.
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