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Hi folks, thanks for all the kind words and such. Just to give you an update, things seem to be going pretty great, all things considered. Other than banging the scab on my wrist a few times I'm feeling good. I still need to fill that Valium prescription as I know it'll come in handy one day.

I made out very well with the insurance dealings, they valued the poor guy at significantly more than what I paid, happy endings are good. Between that and the accessory insurance (seems like that's the typical 'adv' motorcyclist's best friend), I'm planning to parlay this ordeal for an 800gs, what I originally wanted but couldn't afford. Won't be surprised if the first thing I add is a flashing brake light.

Very weird not being on a bike for more than a few days. After a winter of judicious plugging in of the heated jacket I'm looking forward to enjoying spring riding. Just finished patching up the holes in my gear with some goretex adhesive stuff, the battle damage will be a nice reminder.
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