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MotorCop skills competition

Lurker here. Every year about this time the Motorcycle Police officers have a competition down here in South Florida. This year it's at the Hard Rock in Hollyweird.
I was watching them practice trying to get some tips on slow riding.. They do it so well!!
Here are some clips of them throwing around 700# Harleys,Honda,Bmw and Kawie concourse around the pylons..

They all use clutch in the friction zone, throttle fixed or blipping (makes you cool) and modulate the speed with the rear brake.

What I noticed after two days of watching is when going around really slow pylons, the first thing they do is move up really close to the tank. Like nuts on the tank close. They also hinge at the waist. The bike and their lower body tips in and the upper body is straight up and down. When the bike is half way around the cone,they snap their heads around and look at the next cone. Some have their head and eyes up and some gaze down. I could not really tell where they were looking as they all were wearing sunglasses. Some do a slight countersteer at the begining of the turn, some don't.. Just some observations...

All in all a beautiful day in lovely down town hollyweird....

I'm doing so good, I can't stand it!!
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