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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Is it a legitimate issue?
Can't see how it's not in this day and age. For the record juiced or not todays riders are beyond belief in my book and they make any other sport look downright lame. Is it worth stopping to consider? (juiced) - yes. But I don't deny the level to which juiced or not the riders have evolved to. Suspension technology obviously helps, thats why 5 years running now I'm still amazed every time someone hammers some whoops or goes into orbit to land on the downside of a table top like it's no big deal. If RC was juiced I'm sure others were too. If he wasn't and they weren't I'm sure he'd have had the same results. More or less...Maybe I'm naive. A lot of money at stake, I bring it up simply for arguments sake and just like Woods I think RC begs the question be asked. I haven't a clue what the answer is. Tiger Woods I think is a no brainer his body changed as did his behavior but at least he had fun doing it. Woods was juiced. RC? Who knows. Does it matter? Maybe not.
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