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Draft night. I love this stuff..... Three OT's in the first four....has to be a first. Detroit is on the clock...let's see a DT?

I did not think Gino Smith would still be on the board at this point. down to 24 already. Be interesting to see how Manuel does in Buffalo.

Oh yeah, and folks better have their panties on tight against the Vikings defensive front now.

Did I just see that right...the Pats traded their pick to the Vikings? They could have had Teo....oh brother.......if the Vikings get him they have scored in this round huge on defense. I bet they try to replace some of their WR losses. But all the good one (1) have left the board. Lot of picks to give up for a maybe. Especially with what they are trying to replace for talent. And yup, they take another kid with off the field issues...will they never learn? We do not even have to enumerate the dysfunctional personalities that have passed through that organization. They just got rid of one and select another potential head case? Hopefully it is all behind him....but we have seen how that goes most often. Hopefully he plays like Irvin and keeps it real on the field. The Pats made a good trade for all those picks.

The Cowboys....take a reach. Gotta love Jerry.

Geno Smith....the next Brady or Rogers with a huge motivator? How far does he drop? Not far, Jax is going to snag him...they played their cards well and get him for second round money. Patience paid off.

Who gets Teo? Tomorrow night it all starts again.
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