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At the "club" we have a girl , Marrissa Markelson who is a a WMA rider and finishes maybe top 10 and to see that girl ride is amazing. AJ Catastrano who has been been qualifying for SX mains rides there, Aaron Lampi who has just turned pro practices there. Very cool to see these kids grow up and then on TV!
I don't see any "juicing" but I do kids working hard and trying to make it.
Lampi is buddies with Hammer. Lampi is from Fishkill and I've seen him go from Super Mini's to pro. He missed the LCQ xfer spot by one at Southwick last year, his first national. Unadilla, not so good. I've seen him ride a lot. Hammer ventures over here a little and I've seen him ride, him and Lampi were pretty close in skill 2 years ago, it will be interesting to see who does better on the big stage. Hammer did turn pro within the last few months. He knows who I am I've posted some pics of him on his facebook and he came up to me at Southwick to say hi. Just a young skinny wisp of a kid who can ride the wheels off a bike. Pretty elite company just getting the pro license (I think) , the big question now is can he or any of them compete with dozens as equally capable. The men from the boys it's got to be SO competitive at that level on big bikes. No more super mini's or B class cake walks. I can't wait to see them both have at it at the nationals, being a northeast rider they can hit a half dozen races easy. Time will tell. I've also seen Melissa ride over here a few times, and she rode Southwick last year, probably previous years too but no more women at the nationals, or at least only 2 nationals. Not sure what happened there. I've also been watching Catanzaro's results. Do you know what number we wore the last few years before he turned pro?
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