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Originally Posted by Dracus124 View Post
What would cause my bike to sound like a barrel full of nuts and bolts rolling down a hill?!?!

I was on a day trip desert loop in the natl park with my buddy on his v-star. mile 44 my bike starts making a racheting noise, i stop. It increased with revs and got really loud (i thought it was about to blow!) so I shut it off, smoke a bowl and a cigarette, and I go start the bike back up and noise is gone! WTF!! I rode the remaining 40 miles home with no problems and now I'm worried?? it starts fine, no loss of power or anything, I can't seem to make the noise reoccur either.... I couldn't figure out where it was coming from though it sound like the stator side

Atleast I didn't have to ride home on the back of a cruiser, the Honda loves me enough to make it home.
dropping a valve seat.
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