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I was first exposed to motorcycles and motorcycling at age 11 back in the early 60's. My uncle had a Harley Bagger and a little Vespa. He let us kids ride that Vespa up and down in the alley behind his house. I rode that thing probably a thousand miles in that one block length of alley that summer. I was hooked after that.

I have always thought that scooters were art as well as transportation. Getting to live for a year in Italy in my mid 20's made that impression even stronger for me.

I have ridden motorcycles all my life (after age 11). I have also owned a scooter (50-250cc) the last ten years. Now into my 62 year, I have found that I have difficulty getting onto my Wee-Strom as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Then last summer I found that I was having trouble pulling my clutch due to my thumbs hurting - the docs wanted to fuse the base joints on my thumbs. My answer was to let the joints rest over the winter and to ride my Honda Helix in town. Last weekend, I traded my Helix on a Burgman 650 Executive. The Wee-Strom is just sitting in the motorcycle shed not being ridden at this time.

Do I love scooters? I have always loved them. As I said above, I think they are art. I also love them as transportation. I love the little scooters for a lot of the reasons you guys have already said. I love my big scooter because it allows me to still do motorcycle stuff too. The best of both worlds...
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