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Havent read the whole thread, so apologies if this has been covered...

You cant get your bike over Everest. Sorry. I know the area well, having spent 2 month's on the side of the mountain in 2003.

On the Tibet side: its easy to ride up to the Rongbuk Monastary, and from there up to Base Camp. There were 4WDs and motorcycles there.

From there it gets tough. You'd have to trace your way up the yak path up the Rongbuk Glacier and around Changtse, which is the main climbing route. Its theoretically possible if you're amazing to get your bike to Advanced Base Camp. You would need a permit for this.

From there there's basically no chance. There are no viable routes from ABC on the Tibet side to the Nepalese side. Less than 10(?) people have ever done such a route on foot, and those were world class mountaineers.

The other side, you need to go over the Western Shoulder.

Oh, and the other side, Nepal, isnt suitable for vehicles that close to the border.

Basically if you were hard as nails, and had been climbing for a decade, and went with a partner, and no bike, you MIGHT survive such an expedition. As that's what it would be. We're talking tens of miles of heavily creviced glaciers over a route that no one takes.

I give you credit for an audacious plan. And hell, someone will prove me wrong one day, but in the interim, if you can afford the fees:

- riding to Everest Base Camp would be awesome.
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