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Hi, I found your ride report and had to read it thru to where I am posting in one sitting. I find it interesting because until last Saturday, I had a 2001 black Honda Helix. I had it since 2005 and have ridden it all over the southeast U.S. People always found it interesting (shocking?) when I would be in North Carolina or Birmingham, Alabama (at Barbor Motosports Museum) with my Kentucky plates. They would always ask if I trailered it to the locations and seemed like they just couldn't believe that I had rode it to the locations. People were always telling me that you couldn't tour on a 250cc scooter. I would tell them that not only could you, but I was doing so. Then I would tell them about the guy who completed the Iron Butt Rally on one. Now I can point them to your ride report to boot. Uber Cool.

I am subscribed and will continue to follow your adventure.
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