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Originally Posted by bulebiker View Post
I just think that the use of the term HDR for anything that is tonemapped (blame Trey!!!) is the reason HDR has got such a bad name.
Technically, you are correct. But be careful when you nitpick, as it can, and frequently will, backfire on you. Just sayin'.

Originally Posted by bulebiker View Post
As soon as it became popular on the net people started churning out single jpg HDRs that were best described as clown vomit. I am not one of those people who insist on 100% photorealisim but im sure you know the type of images I mean.
"Clown vomit" can be churned out in disgusting volumes via a variety of methods, thanks to the proliferation of digital cameras with oodles of gigabytes of memory and programs like Photomatrix and Photoshop. But it is not exclusive to such. Some people can produce clown vomit with the barest necessities.

Originally Posted by bulebiker View Post
The reason I really don't like the term is it is used to describe any image processed by HDR software now. There is non HDR software for example Topaz Adjust which are designed for tonemapping single images. Topaz adjust does not have HDR capability (cannot work on an HDRi file or merge images). It just tonemapped single images for effect. The result is that with a single jpg you are doing exactly the same thing using topaz adjust or with photomatix. Guess which one is called HDR and which isnt? If just running an image through the right program makes it HDR I could write a script that would run my whole image library through photomatix on the default setting and make my whole library HDR! In face my HDR images might come out as HHDR! It just diminishes the effort made by people doing "proper" HDR using tripods, shutter releases, calculating the amount of exposures needed etc etc then spending tones of time in photomatix/photoshop trying to fix all the imperfections and make a realistic looking image.
The purist will always look down on someone doing similar work by a simpler method. What matters to the viewer is the end result, not the method by which it was accomplished. And clearly, some viewers prefer extreme HDR/tonemapping effect while others prefer that such processes not be noticeable. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Originally Posted by bulebiker View Post
Anyway bitching aside as long as people are enjoying the images they are making it doesn't really matter. This thread has made me want to go out and takes some photos now, TGIF
In the end, I will continue to call the photos that I put through Photomatix "HDR's" whether they are tonemapped, fused images, or technically correct High Dynamic Range composites. Reason: It's a heck of a lot quicker to type "HDR" than "tone-mapped".
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