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Originally Posted by speed_racer View Post
the traction control is off in the first 5mins of offroad riding, but I did watch one of the dudes from BMW do a quick turn on a mossy/wet road and the traction control kicked in and stopped it from sliding out.

So for eg, if u came round a corner n hit an oil patch that a car has left for you, u won't slip the ass out beyond correction..

so off road traction is off for sure. but road, its a nice to have..

(sorry rmhrc628 I know i have sounded like a bmw sales guy over the last week lol)
No that's quite ok. I almost bought an f8 2 years ago.

I will buy one - perhaps the new adventurer model when it comes out. I'm just trying to work out if Ill miss out on anything if I don't get the traction package given I intend to change out so many stock parts.

Ill then install:
18 inch rear wheel
Front forks - well modified shivers or showas.
TT extreme rear shock
Aggressive off road tyres
TT tall seat
Bar risers

Then have a bike with awesome suspension, gear looks and power that's ready to go.
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