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Originally Posted by bracky72 View Post
I was wearing Columbia hiking shoes. They are in no way a riding boot but I think if I was wearing something that braced my leg my knee might have been blown out. I was real lucky it wasn't worse.

The multitec sure did it's job. I will most likely replace it with another.
Sorry to hear about your accident, glad you're doing better and have such a great attitude. That goes a very long way toward healing quickly. I live in rural Virginia and we have loads of sketchy drivers around here too, so I pay all kinds of extra to insure myself against them as well. The State tries to mandate insurance for every driver, but lots of folks have figured a way to stay off the radar. Bastards. Anyway, make sure the insurance adjuster takes a look at EVERYTHING - bike and gear should be covered, as well as medical costs and loss of income, etc. Hopefully you have good coverage.

As stated earlier, I've lost a lot of respect for a large % of my fellow humans and here's another story explaining that sad truth. I don't have a lot of faith in the local police and sheriff either (personal experience), but our volunteer fire and medic crews are World class. Sounds like you had a similar experience.

Heal well, I'm interested to see what finally happens to the scumbag that hit you. BTW, your wife sounds like a "keeper" .

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