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Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
A friend took his truck into the dealer for a new water pump and thermostat. He was charged full book time for the water pump, and full book time for a thermostat replacement. The thermostat is housed inside the water pump. That was very dishonest and I don't do crap like that.
Yeah, that's bullshit. I'll bet somebody looked up water pump time, then thermostat time, then added them together instead of looking at the water pump plus thermostat. Also, if the thermostat is in the water pump, there should be no extra labor as tech has to either swap in the existing one or put in a new one. I'd go talk to the service manage about that one, and ask for a refund of half the labor. Your friend can look up the times online and show them to the manager.
A reasonable argument, well backed up, will get either A) a refund, or B) your friend never going back. Most dealers will give up a lot to retain customers, since it's much cheaper than recruiting new ones.
My boss gives us a lot of freedom to make judgement calls on the drive. His criteria is simple: Is the customer happy? Pass. Is the customer mad? Fail.

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