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Originally Posted by acesandeights View Post
I'm going to disagree. The owner of the store isn't the one that's setting a precedent. The customer is either respectful or isn't. If someone is up a creek and the owner keeps the doors open an extra hour to help out and I hear about it, I give that business as much of my business as I can because I know the owner (and staff) are good people. It doesn't mean though that I expect to come in after hours or late on a Saturday. It probably just means that the customer that was helped that day is going to order parts through them and consider their next bike purchase through them, not that they want to now take advantage of someone that forgot to lock the door. That's the kind of thing that makes customers come back (during normal business hours and look for things to buy).

Good on the owner and staff that was willing to help out a rider that needed a little extra help.
No, not "good on the owenr and the staff." The owner fucked the staff right in the ass. Hey, if the owner wants to pay the staff overtime to get a tire change done after hours, great. If the owner wants to do the tire change himself, great. But forcing the staff to stay an extra hour off the clock (off the clock?! Are you fucking kidding me!) so the owner can make a few bucks and suck up to a customer is a shit thing to do to the staff.
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