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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
No, not "good on the owenr and the staff." The owner fucked the staff right in the ass. Hey, if the owner wants to pay the staff overtime to get a tire change done after hours, great. If the owner wants to do the tire change himself, great. But forcing the staff to stay an extra hour off the clock (off the clock?! Are you fucking kidding me!) so the owner can make a few bucks and suck up to a customer is a shit thing to do to the staff.
I've never known a shop owner that didn't try to make it up to good techs when he asked them to do something extra for a customer. After hour drinks, closing early on a Friday, BBQs, etc. But if you're right and all that's going on is he's fucking them in the ass, well I'd quit right away and look for something with less ass fucking.
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