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Back in the mid '90s I was touring around Europe on a 12 year-old Honda CB250RS that i had picked up for 500 about 3 years before in England. As I rode the 600 km Leper (Belgium) to Baden Baden (Germany) leg in one day on main roads the bike got quite "floaty".

"Rear wheel bearing", I reckoned, and quick investigation suggested the same. Not a major on straights, take it easy through corners..... get it sorted in Baden Baden.

At first I thought of removing the wheel off at the YHA Hostel I was staying at and taking it to the nearest motorcycle place to get fixed, but that was quite a hike away, so I rode there the next morning, and asked if they could help.

"No, no, you need to go to the Honda dealer."

I had seen it on the way in, so I made my way the several km to get there.

"Yes, we can do it," they said at the Honda shop, "but you'll have to wait a week, maybe two for parts for an old bike like that."

I wasn't impressed.... Not a big job, I could have done it myself with the right tools handy, but I just had the Honda issue tool kit. I toddled off and eventually found a proper little engineering workshop.

"No worries; get that wheel of and we'll get it sorted".

I took the wheel off, he punched out the bearings, and his wife took them to an engineering supplier to get a matching set. He popped them in, and i put the bike back together. In not much more than an hour I was on my way. at minimal cost.

The engineer and his wife were on the top of my Xmas gift list, When I got back home to NZ a few months later I sent them a nice greenstone pendant and a book, which they appreciated.
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