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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
acejones, i really don't care where at this point as it will be my first trip of many :) thinking Durango ....i retire in 3 years and plan on an extended ride through mex then. at some point, i would like to fly my wife in and show her a week of mexico, staying in cheap hotels and hostels.
Have you found a Mexico Ride Report that inspires you? That can be a good way to start a trip plan. There's likely several Mexico riders poised to offer you input as soon as you begin to dial in your trip concept.

If you're interested in Durango (a great choice, BTW) it makes more sense to cross in the Reynosa area at the Anzalduas bridge. Consider Veracruz, as well. Nice town with lots of great riding in surrounding mountains.

Look into San Miguel de Allende as a stop when your wife joins you. Beautiful place.
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