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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
In this economy you gotta do what you gotta do. Nothing good about it though.

The techs will even the score though. They always do. The owner will be completely mystified when the occasional set of tires disappears out the back door. "How could they be stealing from me? I treat them so well. Just last week I bought them donuts after I made them work an hour off the clock on a Saturday. Ingrates!"
According to previous posters, the techs will be getting paid for the work, and effectively getting overtime if they can do an hour's work in 30 miutes. Comes down to work ethic I suppose - There are always extenuating circumstances either way but generally, what's good for the business is good for the employees. Now no tech should be expected to miss a family event because of an inconsiderate customer but if there's a good reason and the tech is getting paid for the work, why not? If techs are allowed to clock in late or take a long lunch break sometimes, as long as their work is getting done, then I think it's reasonable to expect them to stay late some times. OTOH, if they are expected to always be there at 08:00 on the dot and take no more than 30 mins (or whatever) for lunch, then at 4:30, they should have their toolbox locked and be out the door, every time.
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