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Originally Posted by The_Scottsman View Post
As I recall, the secondary carb only kicks in after the throttle is turned a certain distance. I want to say it was about 5 degrees of grip twist?

Sadly, it's been a while since my '85 XL600. I've been enjoying following along as you breathe new life into this one!

You're right Scott, the second carb only starts to operate when the throttle is opened by a few degrees and as I can't see any reference to a pilot circuit in the secondary carb I think I can eliminate that from the no fuel issue.

I'm pleased you're entertained by the thread BTW - I'm having some fun with this bike, can't wait to ride it!

Originally Posted by Homerb View Post
Have you undone the carby drain screws on the bottom of each of the carbs? If you do this and fuel flows freely from both the drain tubes you'll know that fuels getting into the carbs and the floats arent stuck closed.
Thanks for that, yes there's plenty of fuel getting to the carbs.

Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
Just a quick thought: are you sure that the idle speed adjustment screw is turned in enough to get the engine to start?
I'm sure the idle adjustment screw isn't set right. Can anyone give me a starting point, e.g. how many turns after contact with the stop or something? But... would that stop fuel getting into the cylinder?


I ultrasonically cleaned the carb bodies today and I've just checked the float heights (both OK at 20mm) so I'll rebuild them tonight and see what happens next!

Oh yes, while the carbs were off I also checked I hadn't plugged the inlet tracts with rags and forgot to take 'em out.
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