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days ninety nine through one hundred and two, 4-23 to 4-26-13

the next morning in Lima we went down to a honda dealership where andy found a cheap but nice, set of tires. while he was waiting to get them installed I decided to buy myself a little present. a new camel back! the one that came with my jacket was getting pretty gross and I liked that the camel back had pockets and doubled as a backpack. I met a guy in the parking lot who traded me a bottle opener keychain and a Jesus sticker for my old one.

then we set off the short ride to Huacachina. this is an cool little town outside Ica that is surrounded by sand dunes and has a real oasis style pond in the middle. something straight out of a disney flick. but very touristy. we found a cheap hostel and went and got some food.
this guy was at the hostel

At diner we met this french guy Jerome, who had the same party spirit that I was feeling, as at midnight it would be our 100th day on the road, we set out to drinking. we all got very drunk and before you knew it I sat on my camera and broke it. it's better there are no photos of this evening anyways. The next day I woke up still a bit drunk and decided (a very poor decision) that if I just had one rum and coke with breakfast i could beat the hangover that had andy by its grasps. all I remember of this day is meeting some local guys, that were about the same age as me, playing instruments on the street and being invited to join the band. I played the PVC flute, rather poorly. we drank all night and I don't remember much but I am sure I had fun. the next day was a terrible hung over death ride down the pan am of course to the town of Nazca. A few days earlier I had really wanted to see the Nazca lines but the thought of being in a plane pulling three Gs to get you tipped over enough to look out your window sounded less fun today. it was all i could do to climb the tower in the desert and look down. pretty cool. the town of Nazca, not so cool. touristy obviously. we found a nice looking hostel that we later found out had paper thin walls. neither of us got any sleep. tired and shitty we set out for a 450k ride into bone chilling 15000 feet elevations and back down to 10000 to the town of Abancay. not an awesome town but it will do for one night before heading to Cusco tomorrow to meet my friend Haley and chill out for 4 or 5 days. I'll get a new camera and have plenty of photos for you on my next post. until then...
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