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My son, Forest is three months old. He was born January Second 2013. At some point between that date and April second 2013 I decided that I would strip my BMWG650 GS Sertao of its stock equipment, build a capable machine that would take me across Central and South America, crate and ship the completed motorbike over sea from Panama City Florida to Progreso, Yucatan Mexico at which point I would fly from Hoover Alabama to Merida Mexico; then catch a taxi from Merida to Progreso. From there, I would ride the bike to Panama City Panama, Central Bunghole.

Step one: Destroy One, Perfectly Decent Motorcycle…

Step Two: Build a Better Bike (hopefully) Out from the Wreckage

I located a shipping company over the Internet who would walk me through the entire process. It was very confusing to me. I had shipped a motorcycle over sees previously but had never done an international shipment before. It requires the bike to be exported from the home country and then imported into the destination country. There are all different kinds of documents that are needed. Honestly it’s a big pain in the ass. The wood that the shipping crate is made from must be a specific type of heat cured wood.. yea, like that.

Tool Kit

Journal from 4/2/2013
I crated the “window licker” today then hired a fork lift to load the crated bike into the bed of my Ford Danger Ranger.

I drove to the port in Florida. According to them; the place is a “Border Zone”. I thought it was pretty high security. Had to have a name card pass made and then be escorted by another vehicle. Paperwork, money; over $850 to ship the bike, $150 for the fork lift.

Shipping the bike:

I booked a flight to Merida Mexico which is just South of Progreso. On April Fourth 2013 I get on an airplane wearing my motorcycle gear (sans boots), sit in the chair and realize, shit here we go again.

Once I land in Merida i need to get a taxi north to Progreso, find the shipping office and make an effort to get my bike before they close for business.. and find a hotel for the night.. and get some pesos.. or something.

the taxi driver ends up helping me out a lot. he drove me around to 3 different banks trying to withdraw money off my debit card. non of them worked which was strange to me because i had called the card company and told them that i would be traveling out of the country. i had some cash so he drove me to this place in town that sold electronics like TVs, stereos, computer etc. In the back of the store they had a woman behind glass that exchanged my dollars for pesos. i think the rate was something like 11 pesos / 1 dollar. "sounds good to me" . Ok now I have money to pay the taxi driver with.

he drives me around until we find the shipping office.
they are closed, its 15:00 (well shit). I tell him to bring me to a hotel that is close to their office. I stay here: its 300 pesos/ night. hot water, air, big bed. I mark a waypoint on my gps unit.

Buy beer, drink beer:

go next door, get a haircut and a beard trim. i really enjoy having my beard trimmed in different countries. especially in asia, where its rare for the barbers to encounter such nappy gnarl. at the end of my borneo trip i walked into a barber shop and the malaysian women didnt know what to do! i ended up giving her a lesson in beard trimming, later i realized that it wasnt that she couldnt do it, it was that she didnt want to get close to the back of my head because it was caked up with dirt and peeling sun burn. but whatever.. anyways.

Progreso, Yucatan. later that day:

I go back to the hotel and try to get my thoughts together for tomorrow. it will be a busy day dealing with unknowns surrounding my bike...

I try to get some rest and look over my maps:

Enduro Earth

off the grid and deep in the woods

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