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Originally Posted by bemiiten View Post
I usually ride a GS, My uncle has a Goldwing. When we switch bikes, I find the Wings ergonomics feel cramped. The handelbars feel like they're in my lap. Sitting in the still air pocket of the Wing is no fun in warm weather either. For comfort, at anything other then a long cool stretch of interstate, My pic is the GS by a mile.
+1 & +1 or more... and..
I road a GW for a day. I did not like the way the wind came off of the faring and whipping around to hit me in the back of my helmet... as if the passenger was pushing on my helmet from behind.

I found with a russell day long saddle, the right helmet and riding gear, I could ride 700 mile + days... forever ! That was on a 1998 R1100GS, the R1200GS are even better and I am betting the new R12ooWGS will be better yet ( save the new bike problems that seem to bother the new models for a year or so)

You should be able to ride or even rent a GS and get some good feedback to answer your questions.
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