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April 10th 2013-progreso

I get up early to go for a walk around the city. I tell myself that if I cant leave by 12:00 ill just stay another day here in progreso. there are not very many people out in the mornings here, or after 17:00

I like watching things wake up. people just wandering around, enjoying the morning. getting ready.

this old man had this old woman in the front of his bicycle push cart. she was sitting in an old lawn chair. i found it interesting. these pushcarts are everywhere here.

hmmm... communism giving hope ? is this suggesting that communism gives hope

....because when i think of communism i think of this:

At 9:00 im waiting in front of the office as the first employee gets there.
I give him 10 minutes before i start hassling him. I get all my paper work out to show him what im here to do. he gets another lady that can speak really good english. she tells me i must first go to Banjercitos (or however its spelled), its the government bank here in mexico that deals with this sort of thing. I have to go get my permit which costs $400 dollars. I have to show them all of the proper import documents. I walk across town to the bank with my pile of red tape. I can tell this is going to take a while.

It takes me a good hour setting at the bank to get my permit papers. I then walk back across town to the shipping office to confirm i have all the correct papers.

Outside I get a taxi to bring me to the pier/ port authority/ checkpoint station. unlike on the American side (point of origin, shipping point) the mexicans have military personnel with full body armor and automatic weapons. The taxi driver helps me communicate with the guards. I have to go over to a window. leave my drivers license with a guy who then gives me a piece of plastic with yarn attached to it (my pier pass).

i get back in the cab, wave it at the guard, he asks to see my bike permit and passport i show him both, he raises the gate. taxi driver tells me this is one of the largest piers in the world. the reason it is so long is because the water is so shallow here. they had to build a road (he tells me its 12KM long and i believe him) out to deeper waters so that the freight liners can dock. its pretty cool. there are huge concrete blocks that flank the road all the way to the end. seriously pretty cool.

He drops me off at where im supposed to go. I have to show my pass again to another guard who points "that way". i wander around until another guy points at a door that has a sign on it. the sign is in spanish and i can tell it says "authorized personnel only". I open it and stick my head in, the people inside give me a what the fuck look so i pull my head out and close the door.

a guy in a red hard hat points at the door like: "yea thats the right door just go in". so i walk in and give the first person i see a big pile of shipping documents and my passport. i suppose im in the right spot because they begin doing and typing ... stuff.

i set there for an hour.
they tell me to go to a different room and talk to a guy at a table.
i have to pay some more money, i cant remember how much it was but it was anywhere from $15-$50 dollars.
i wait for 15 minutes.

they unload my bike outside, its like seeing my dog after ive been away. makes me super happy:

my bike shipped over the gulf of mexico on this:

of course this calls for a celebration of food and beer!
ride around town, settle on a place next to the beach because one of the waiters runs out in front of my bike and demands that i eat there. ok. easy enough.

Tecate is my favorite beer. I love them; they goes down so easy. i could drink them all day long.

this was awesome.

At this point it was past 12:00.
figured i would just get drunk, eat nachos then leave early in the morning. no rush.

kapooyah kapooyah, well thats fucking wonderful, los llantera messiah, .. not again and trepidation
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