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I pick up my tyres from a guy who races, and imports tyres for street bikes and sells them really cheap.

He said he doesn't open till 6:30pm closes at 1030pm. business on the side one night a week.

I finish work at 4pm and had nothing better to do, so I rode out to the shop, pulled the rim off, gave it a clean and was about to get my books out and study in the sun for the next hour and a half. I had food and a drink and was happy as.
I sat down, the owner walks up and says "I'll get your tyre done now if you like" I asked if he is opening earlier now, he said nope, you are out front, wheel off and look like you are in a hurry. I explained my food, drink and study time I had planned, and how having everything clean and ready would make his life easier
Oh, well, come in and I'll do it now so you can get home and study in comfort.

I gave him $20 extra and have purchased my tyres, brake pads, cleaning products and lube from there since. Great guy that one.

Had another store tell me the tyre I had fitted for $180 couldn't be purchased for less than $260 fitted, plus $5 for disposal of old tyres. I rang them back and told them the price I paid and the guy said "shit, no way we can beat that. Keep going to that guy hey" and laughed.
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