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Suspension - Do? Or do not? (320mm)

Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
Easily the best money spent.
Originally Posted by PowerCell View Post
A damper is not intended to fix "twitchyness". And the last place you ever want to use it is going slow in soft sand... high speed sand in another thing.

And suspension should be first on any off-roaders mod list...

So the suspension has been nagging at me for a week now... You guys started this!!!

This was always an issue with the F650GSPD for me... I got the suspension work well enough with progressives and an oil weight of 12.5 in those little spindles they call forks, but I know now that I should have spent the money in the first place for triple trees and forks, etc... Now, the way I see it, I have two choices.

A. Ride it this year with stock suspension and live with that banging noise of the suspension bottoming out (I know this will happen as I still bottomed out the Dakar even after jacking it up and weighting everything hard...) and then ship it to PSP this fall when the snow flies for a revalve, etc.


B. Mail Pyn back with my decision on 320mm... I can do the brake lines in the front end no problem and I'll weld and extra few cm's in the center stand. I've even already sourced an "S" sidestand...

The projected future of riding for this bike... It will definitely see some slab. I have friends that travel and they do so on adv bikes, but they chose to ride more tarmac than dirt. It makes me sad, but I like my friends so I'm not gonna push them to do something they are uncomfortable with. HOWEVER, I travel alone a lot and when I do I'm 90% off road. Gimme gravel, gimme dirt, gimme dust... Anything but pavement. Do I race? No. Not yet anyway. I have in the past and it's always been my idea to get into something a bit more competitive with my riding. We have local hare scrambles and small rallies that are a ton of fun and I would definitely use the 990 for those events. Am I Lyndon? No. Will I do the Baja? No(At least I have no plans to do it YET). But I wouldn't mind riding the route at less than race capacity. The bike will also see mountain trails, LOTS of mud, lots of high speed gravel, and I'm hoping to get it to some dunes.

I know what you're thinking... Am I just trying to justify this to myself? But I'm really asking if the 320mm is overkill. I'm not a super heavy guy... 170lbs geared. I'm no pro-racer. I would say my riding level is above average, maybe amateur race level. Is 320mm too much?

Right now I don't see any cons other than I will need to ride it a lot and enjoy it a lot and probably quit my job to marry it...

Smile of the day provided by a friend of mine Alex, different hole, different bike, same result!

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