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I just had to make the height decision myself, and surprised myself by choosing R height rather than S.

Even at S height, the seat is almost two inches lower than my RFS bike, so I know I can tolerate it. But this weighs a lot more, and I'm more likely to be loaded with gear and fuel, making it top heavy.

Further, according to SPS, most of the increased performance of the reworked suspension is a result of the springs and valving- the height is of far less benefit.

But here's the kicker for me- I find the seat-to-foot peg distance on this bike way too short for me. Increases the effort required to stand up- more knee pressure and more time in transition.

I want a taller seat, but a taller seat AND way tall suspension on a heavy loaded pig is too much for recreational riding. Recreational riding means I'm certainly capable of riding faster, but I strongly prefer to avoid injury and contribute to our happy home.

So. That was my choice- bike comes apart today.
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