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Originally Posted by Rider_WV View Post
Probably screwed a bearing if its clicking. I buy cheap pedals, typically ritchey or nashbar clipless. If they get buggered too bad I just toss them and slap on new ones.
Originally Posted by bholmes View Post
Are you running clipless? What kind? I may have some old coda SPD's laying around.
Originally Posted by wvridgerider View Post
I have an extra set of Time ATACS. they are great clip less pedals, all you need are the shoes. If you are still in Huntington, stop by after work and we can ride in Eleanor. It has the best single track around. I will also help tune that CDale up. I am on a 29er now. Give me a call. I have all of the tools to fix a bicycle.
I've been meaning to get by there anyway, def wanna come ride out there with ya. She's pretty tuned in; thanks to Jeff's (but jesus they take their time)! Of course I went up 2 teeth on the front for some more downhill speed help, and shifting got a bit funky. I think I need new cabels and such to freshen it up all around. But this is perfect weather, and I'm loving it. So thanks again @wvrdgerider for the hookup on it, she's a simple bike with strong components and lets me be rough haha.

I am, pending some future decisions, also considering an FSR StumpJumper if I find one in a decent range.

@Bholmes and @rider_wv and @wvridgerider I'll probably take one of you up on it this week! I've heard the spd's are the easiest to get out of aren't they? I have funky feet so been looking at different shoes. But I do like to play on rocks and such and I won't lie Clipless make me a little nervous in the bailing off regard. I've heard the arguments and such, but I just worry about bouncing off a 40ft ledge still attached to the bike, but I think they would be awesome on ascents. I just have to find some good shoes.

And since this is technically an MC thread, lemme throw this in here

(middle mountain road -> Laurel Fork Wilderness area and campground)
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