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Originally Posted by arkansawyer View Post
I was at Hangtown in '98. RC was absolutely flying on a KX125. He would probably have finished third in the 250 class on the 125, and Hangtown has lots of big uphills that need power.
When Stewart was on a KX125 he was doing things the top guys on big bikes were not. I've seen him tabletop not 2' from a jump to miss it, lap after lap.
I remember Joel Robert the same way. Absolutely the fastest guy around, faster than the open bikes on a 250.
David Bailey, Hannah, O'Mara, Ward, Johnson, McGrath, the list goes on and on.
There have been a lot of impressive riders through the years. Sucks that some of us hammer them for this or that, when none of us normal guys have a fraction of their bike control or determination.
Fast MX guys are amazing in their prime,at Hangtown in the olden times Danny Chandler could be seen on a (slow) KTM 125 wringing it's sluggish little neck,no point in shutting off if you just have to get going again.
His grin was visible when he came by sideways and backwards off jumps.
Truly an amazing and humble talent.

The old Hangtown track in the mountains up towards the Placerville area was built on mine tailings, a fine grained sandy silty with chunks kind of surface.
Made for huge whoops and chuckholes that would about swallow a bike towards the end of the day.
There was a swamp area one year that was endoing lots of guys,or making them tiptoe through in 1st gear,Hannah was the only guy who could jump/wheelie it with the bike vertical and the handlebar stuffed in tight to his chest.

I saw D. Laporte snap the front end off his works 125 there.........ouch MF.
I still think those 2 strokes back then sounded more like racebikes then these droning/farting/belching expensive ass 4 strokes.
Sure these new bikes are fast,they should be with what a rebuild costs.
A properly built new design 2 stroke 400 or 450 could be made to work.
No more handicap bullshit,450 against 450 2 or 4 stroke.
Or go back to an open class,race what you got.
Some bikes around at times
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