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Three States and a Wedding

To some people, marriage is one of life's greatest adventures. Two souls navigating the roads of life together as one. But I wouldn't know, since I'm not married, nor is it even one of the upcomming exits in my personal journey through life. However, it is for a friend of mine I've known for well over nearly 15 years now. While I wouldn't necessarily call him my best friend, he's one one of the few I've been able to stay in contact with through the years.

One day, several months ago, he sent me a text. "Dude, what's your address?" he asked.

Being my typical smartass self, I responded, "why, whats up? You're not gonna send me a bomb or anything, are you?"

He laughed and answered back, "no, I want to invite you to my wedding."

I was shocked. This from the guy who was so adamant that marriage wasn't for him was tying the knot. We talked about it for a little bit, and I got some information from him, most importantly that it'd be in Charlotte, on the 27th of April.

Taking the Scrambler was a near-last minute decision. Initially I didn't know how I was going to get there. I had looked into renting a plane and flying myself there before I first did the math on how much that would cost me. So, from then on, i figured I'd take the cage, mostly because I didn't know how to strap my suit to the bike for long distance without ruining it. Or that I wouldn't be able keep it looking sharp as I rode from my hotel to the wedding's location. Then something changed, and to this day I don't know what it was. Like flipping a switch, I now would be riding the distance.

The evening before I set out, I pulled up the address and quickly set to work on finding a route. I looked at the Tail of the Dragon, being that I'd be in North Carolina, but it seemed out of the way. In its place I chose the Back of the Dragon, as it was significantly closer. Then I just chose points that kept me off the interstates that I've used on previous trips between DC and Charlotte. I was shocked to learn that the 6 and a half hour trip I'm used to taking would now be close to 12.
Since it seemed like I'd have to leave early, I quickly started packing.

The Kriega Overlander 60 is an incredible luggage solution. In one of the 15L bags, I fit socks, underwear, and other clothing I'd need for the 3-4 day trip. Another bag contained my dress shoes and toiletries. In another bag was the rain gear I always found myself wishing was with me. The fourth bag contained camera gear. My suit I had placed into a garment bag, and mused bungee cords to strap it to the MetalMule racks. I then headed to bed.

Day 1: 522 Miles, Clear Skies
Day 2: 408 Miles, Rain
Day 3: 253 Miles, Rain

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