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I want to take the police motor courses for civilians. I have been trying to locate them but it seems tough.

Depending where you live...

http://www.midwestmotorcycletraining...ivilian_t.html this one is Free I think!!! $50 for 4 hrs...

I took the Midwest course and the Motomark class in South Carolina years ago... Both excellent courses taught by Police moto officer instructors. Geared for the civilian.. No bang bang shoot'em up.. Midwest was definatly more testosterone involved.. Out of 12 riders only one "passed" the police level.. And he was a new rider!!! He just listened to what they said and did it.. The rest of us had pre concieved ideas on how to ride slow.. I still learned a crapload of info. I was there for the education not a piece of paper on the glory wall..
All good. It teaches the basics of head and eyes, clutch/throttle and brake control when going slow..

Oh yea, how to pick up a harley that I rented........ what a pig...


I'm doing so good, I can't stand it!!
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