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Originally Posted by bosley1980 View Post
Hello ALL,

where I buy something like this

plastic cylinder

please HELP ME?!
I've got an answer I don't think anyone else has given: the second pic is just 4" plumbing pipe (abs or PVC plastic) with one end cap and an unscrewable clean-out end cap. You can make them yourself at the hardware store from parts they have for sale, and make them any length you want.

I've also got a question. What are some opinions on the use of a K&n filter on an otherwise completely stock bike? That's how it came to me. I like the quiet of the stock exhaust and the ease of cleaning and re-oiling of the K&N filter. I know about the performance issue of it needing to breathe easier on both intake and exhaust sides of the engine. Is this stupid? I know about bidegradable-oiled 'no toil' brand filters from a pal who used those on his lot, they are foam, would I perhaps be better off with one of those?
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