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March 28 – Apr 5 Buenos Aires (Part 2)

Some other things catching my eye. I'd hate to have the apartment on the end - don't think there would be a lot of room for entertaining

Have seen a lot of these cool looking trees in South America (Winter has started so, no leaves)

Which have an effective defense against lizards, monkeys and tree climbing kids

And then just some giant trees

A busy street with lots of moto parking

A lot of cars set up for Natural Gas - Natural Gas service stations very busy

Can even find some solitude in the city

It's hilarious watching a show like this with the voices dubbed in Spanish . . . just not the same

Get the odd street performer

One restaurant on a main corner had a spot for musicians - this guy playing jazzy sax, girl sounding like Diana Krall and an old guy singing and playing blues guitar. I thought hanging around here was a great excuse for enjoying some wine or beer . . . or both.

Most restaurants were open over the holidays so, no shortage of food. Eating wasn’t particularly cheap here but, some really good chow . . . particularly meat. I am an unabashed meatatarian and I think herbivores would suffer in most of these South American countries, particularly Argentina.

A really good empanada

Steaks (All outstanding)

Steak and heart of palm salad


One place had a wood fired barbeque in the window with a bunch of lambs or goats and racks of ribs slowly cooking

A typical bakery

My last night in South America, met up with Cory, Bryce and Dylan for dinner. These guys have all had outstanding adventures.

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