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BUM Rick Mayer Seat... ANY IDEAS??

Just purchased a pre-owned Rick Meyer seat from an inmate on here. Got the seat in... when locked in, the seat pan is so mis-shaped that it does not align with the tank at all (does not fit flush against the sides or lay on the foam strip in the front).

I called Rick Mayer and he mentioned that if the leather was not properly treated, it could have shrunk and pulled at the seat pan. He recommended that I use a heat gun to heat and bend the seat pan. After doing that, The seat pan is now bent properly (sides where knees fall corrected), however when locked in to either position (short or tall) the front is still 1" to 1.5" from resting in its proper location up against the tank.

The only way that it is somewhat corrected is if I put the back in the tall position, and the front in the low position. But when doing that... the seat cannot lock in and the passenger pillion does not have space to lock in either.

I am at my wits end with this seat but I'd like to not think that I've wasted this chunk of change. Anyone have similar issues? Anyone have any ideas??

This is before the "heat and bend"

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