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I can pass this guy.....
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Originally Posted by humvee View Post
Take this as a compliment or a story of caution

It was the first night it stayed above zero since last fall so my buddy and I head out for a ride. I show him my new lights and he says "oh, you're gonna get stopped". I say no way...and if I do, I'll just tell'em I just put them on...wasn't sure of the aiming, etc.

Well we leave my alley and enter traffic. 10 seconds later a cop lets us pass and turns on the blue+reds

I pull over. He asks if they're HID, says they are WAY too bright and to keep them off, Save them for off-road.

We found some gravel later in the night to give them a good test. My buddy says "send me the link to where you got those...". I guess you can expect another order.
I was pulled over for speeding at night by an LAPD Moto cop. He cited me for speeding but inquired where he could get the Aux lights I had for his personal bike.

I have mine mounted on the fork fender mounts, aimed down and out to cover periferels.
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